Complaint Intake Center (County Business License Complaints)
Day Care Licensing
Environmental Health
Getting Down to Business
Planning Department (General Business License Review)
Sheriff's Department (Special Business License Review)


Business Advice/Information

Better Business Bureau (Check out a Company/File a Complaint)
Employment Development Dept. (Employer Regs)
Internal Revenue Service (Tax ID Numbers) 
Secretary of State (Information on Corporations, LLC, LP's, Trademarks)
Small Business Administration (Funding Sources & more)
Small Business Development Center (Advice)
State Franchise Tax Board (Business Tax Information)
U.S. Patent & Trademarks Office (Federal Trademarks) 


Agency Permits/Licenses

Consumer Affairs (listing of many state-licensed professions and to file complaints)
State Board of Equalization (Seller's Permit aka Resale Licenses)
State Community Care Licensing Division (Care homes & facilities)
State Contractor's License Board (Contractor's license information)
CalGOLD (info on business permits & license requirements from all levels of government)


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